Business Benefits

Restoration of IT Services

The SystemFlip appliance is the only product developed to provide both local and offsite disaster recovery for anything from a single server to the entire IT service.

Advanced Deduplication / Compression Technology

If there are problems with one server you can 'Flip' that server onto the SystemFlip appliance, using current live user data (backed up as recently as the last 5 minutes), and run as the new production server.
Both onsite and offsite backups continue even when the server is 'Flipped'. This allows the IT team to take down the faulty server and repair it.
Once resolved, a time is scheduled to 'Flip' the servers back without loss of data.

The recovery process is largely automatic and is the same for local or a full offsite disaster recovery. Once the customer is ready to 'Flip' back. The local SystemFlip appliance downloads the current live data and the new servers are restored, either directly or using a customised Boot CD where a bare metal restore requires new drivers to be injected. Normal operation can then resume using either physical servers or virtual machines, whichever is preferred.