Business Benefits

DR and Backup you can Trust

Why? Because you can test it, anytime without cost or service impact

Bare-Metal Restore
  • When was the last time you tested your Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan?
  • Why do you test it so infrequently?
  • Have there been any system updates or changes since then?
  • Are you confident it will work?
  • Is your IT Department confident?

In a recent survey, 79% of IT decision makers were not confident they can fully recover after a disruption!

The SystemFlip appliance creates Virtual Machines from each snapshot backup, ready to replace any of the local production servers within minutes providing Continuous Recovery.

Thus providing the ability to get the company's systems back up and running with the minimum of downtime.

With SystemFlip, you can implement a full local failover:

Whenever you want
Without additional cost
With live company data as little as 5 minutes old
As many times as you want
During office hours