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Profile Security Deploys SystemFlip

Profile Security Services has deployed the SystemFlip Cloud Service to provide real-time data and system backup, local server recovery and complete Cloud based disaster recovery.


About Profile

Profile has developed from a manned guarding business to a total security solutions provider. Today, they operate in a wide range of industry sectors, providing reliability, flexibility and innovation. Profile’s growth has accelerated as a result of its commitment to quality and continuous development. They have built their business on a strong set of core values – ethics, respect, trust, professionalism, discipline, reliability, clear communication and a commitment to staff welfare, development and continuous improvement.


The Requirements

Lawson Simpson, the Group IT Manager at Profile Security Services is responsible for all of the business IT systems, supporting a 24/7 security business.

The existing backup solution had been in use for a number of years but to enhance it to support disaster recovery required the use of additional third party applications and a significant license cost. The biggest concern was that to implement the level of backup and disaster recovery that the business needed would result in having to integrate multiple products, vendors and support contracts. Even then, primary responsibility for integrating the solution and getting the IT systems running in the event of a disaster would have lied with Profile. It was very important that this responsibility lied with a credible and reliable external party allowing Profile to focus on its staff and continuing.

Lawson said, “Lots of things could go wrong with our set-up, and I was never sure it would work when needed. I wanted a single, complete and integrated solution provided by a single service provider. A solution that was simple to use and in a disaster situation the provider would take responsibility, allowing us to focus on re-deploying our operators and users, and getting them back up and running quickly”.


Customer Options

Looking at the solutions in the market, Profile’s biggest concern was that most ofthe products appeared to be quite complex to install initially. Then in a disaster situation, they needed a similar level of effort to get the disaster recovery working, which is not ideal.


Why SystemFlip

Lawson chose SystemFlip because it is a complete solution, which was easy to use: “With SystemFlip all the complexity is under the hood, making it a much simpler product to use and in a disaster situation they handle the switch-over, allowing us to get on with our business priorities. The fast switch over locally, to recover key servers was very impressive; in fact my Directors didn’t believe it until we tested it.”


The Implementation

SystemFlip Continuous Recovery service was deployed for Profile using a SystemFlip Enterprise appliance to protect a number of physical servers supporting a range of real-time applications including email and database services.

The SystemFlip local appliance was installed in Profile’s data centre. Once the server agents were installed, the appliance pulled back the server data creating virtual machines for each of the protected servers. The data is de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted for streaming to dedicated servers in the SystemFlip Cloud.

Profile liked SystemFlip’s hands-on approach which meant that all the customer has to do is arrange access for the appliance installation, schedule a time to install the SystemFlip agent on each protected machine and SystemFlip does the rest – backing up the data and creating virtual machines of both physical and virtual servers, both locally and off site in the SystemFlip Cloud. Deployment went smoothly, deploying the SystemFlip appliance into Profile’s datacentre in a couple of hours.



SystemFlip is already proving its worth to Profile. “We have already had a production server failure and we Flipped the server onto the appliance successfully and it was simple to recover back. All the files and folders were there and once the hardware fault was repaired, we were able to switch back without any issues. I was a very happy person. !” said Mr Lawson. Since installing SystemFlip, many files and folders have been restored. In one example where a user accidentally deleted 15000 flies, SystemFlip was able to restore them all, including the file structure and permissions. SystemFlip also helped Profile to upgrade from Physical to Virtual servers. Compared with rebuilding servers and re-installing and configuring everything again, it only took a few clicks with SystemFlip and all the servers were virtualised.

“It’s given me a sense of security and confidence in our ability to handle both partial and complete site failure, and it’s taken a weight off my shoulders.” concluded Mr Lawson.