SystemFlip Features || Disaster Recovery

Relax, on-site and offsite backup and disaster recovery in a single, straightforward, fully managed service

Problem with a server?

  Failed servers protected on-site and in the cloud
  No waiting
  No invocation charges
  No specialist knowledge required
  Expert engineers on hand if required
  Test it any time you like

Primary site down?

  Your business keeps on running
  Provides the protection of a secondary site at a fraction of the cost
  No delays waiting for data, applications, operating systems to be restored
  Expert engineers on hand to guide you through the process
  Test cloud operation any time you like
Problem with a server? Flip to the on-site appliance
Flip to the on-site appliance

Research reveals that a business with five servers can expect one server to fail in a 12 month period. This may be the result of a disk failure, a memory fault, a corrupt operating system, a virus/ malware infection or human error. Whatever the cause, the server is inaccessible.

With SystemFlip, if a production server fails, then within minutes you can Flip to the on-site appliance, where the virtual standby of that machine will take the place of the failed server � your business keeps on running.

Problem with a server? Flip to the on-site appliance
Primary site down? Flip to your cloud IT system
Flip to your cloud IT system

Major disasters are rare, but their impact can be devastating for your business. Research indicates that a major event takes place every seven years, but if it happens to you, it may put you out of action for weeks.

With SystemFlip, if a flood, fire, terrorist attack or other event means you have no access to your office computers, then your virtual IT system is available to you in the cloud that you can access from any internet - connected location.

Within hours your entire IT system is available online to all your managers and staff, just as it was in the office.